It all started with a little thought…….I wonder if some of my friends would want to come over and watch the Beth Moore Simulcast with me on Saturday?  Intentional worship……I desire it, I wonder if others do.

Then, the thought came to me……my house would really only sit 6 comfortably on the couches, what if more would want to come?  What 5 would I invite?  How would I choose just 5? 

So, my next thought was maybe there is A LOT of women that could use a weekend to stop, pause, relax, have quality intentional worship with our God.  You know, like maybe 8 of us?  Possibly 10?

I posted the following on my facebook……


Ok ladies, so I’ve never created a group on Facebook, really ever planned a girls weekend or any of this……And I want to share the intent of this. I think a weekend away would be good for all us!!! A time to fellowship, a time to pause and intentionally worship Jesus and just make memories ……with all that being said, depending on how many express interest, how many commits to go depends on cost and where we go. Saturday is the simulcast with Beth Moore it’s from 8 to 5 we will be able to watch this on our tv in the cabin!!! I think we can pull off the weekend for less than $50 each plus food and shopping I’m thinking we can make a run to store and eat in some as well…….would love to hear your alls ideas and I’m totally cool with everyone inviting people. I actually found a lodge/cabin in gatlinburg that sleeps 47!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE INTERESTING!!! Also, would like everyone considering or committing to pray for our hearts and minds to be ready to meet with our Savior, pray for any women that want to go to have the means whether it be schedules open or just their hearts to open and go…..

And I prayed.  ALL WEEKEND, when I started getting message after message…….

Yes, there are women that feel just like me……there are women who I haven’t seen in 15 years, there are women that are acquaintances that are saying YES I NEED THIS…….

I am absolutely blown away at what God is doing….

And scared, because I don’t feel adequate to be leading in this area a bunch of Jesus serving women…..

However, I said YES!  And put it out there and God is growing it….as of now we have a possible 23 going and I NEVER DREAMED THAT WOULD HAPPEN…..

And you know what?  When I started this I don’t have the time to plan something like this, but saying YES to God is what we are supposed to do, He laid it on my heart to just check and maybe others had the need…….

Please pray for the women who are going, the women who have the desire to go, and the women who are scared to go, that their hearts will be completely open and their minds receptive and ready to intentionally worship our Lord of All.

 I am so #AMAZED that he would use me to maybe minister to other ladies, even when I don’t feel adequate, he has other plans……



Online Bible Study…..sounds good, maybe this will motivate me. 

“What Happens When Women say YES to God” –Catchy Title, I’m sure good things would happen, maybe some trials, maybe some doubts, but we are a child of the King, right? 

Week 1……

Verse Mapping?  AMAZING…..always wanted to memorize and not loose it….its currently week 2 and I KNOW MY VERSE STILL FROM WEEK 1.  I verse mapped, I read it over and over and over……I researched I made it mine….

Not a morning person AT ALL, however I have intentionally been getting up 5ish and spending time with my Father, you know the one who places the stars just right, lets the ocean only go so far, and always always knows the right time for everything.  My days have been sweeter and my walk has had an extra step….WOW, I should plug in to him, he is my Father and I do love him…..#palmsup I am praising him even in our valley.


Week 2……

Say what!!!

Please please please say it ain’t so……. I am a full-time working wife mother to 4 VERY ACTIVE CHILDREN, I am being honest here, not a great great housekeeper, because seriously who can run from 6am to 9pm and wanna sweep and mop much less attack the laundry pile that NEVER QUITS GROWING. 

However I have always had a heart for kids, for years I have wanted to foster, but then the doubts…… what if I get a child that I can’t handle, what if I get a child that might bring harm to mine, there are 6 of us now people stare already, lol, we are a “party” in restaurant terms….For years I have toyed with the idea of fostering.  I have even signed up for classes, I have called numerous places inquiring, I have questioned people who have fostered……..but the doubts about myself, about how in the world am I going to feed another mouth?  How am I going to clothe another person, run to another event….how am I going to make sure and spend quality time when I already feel like I am needed in 22 different places?  ( Rereading this, these I’s really jumped at me, my focus has been so wrong)

My doubts have always won….I or someone else would confirm them.  “Nicole, you have too much on your plate now….4 kids is A LOT, why would you even think that way?” 

At one point my husband would laugh and say ummm, NO you are out of your mind?

I can think back of soooo many sweet moments God was confirming to me, Nicole this is what I want you to do……but I would turn my head.  Just last week a dear friend of mine and I were talking and the conversation turned to how do you know its God speaking? 

Sunday, August 11,2013…..Chapter 2, What Happens When Women Say YES to God, well my answer has never been clearer…..5 questions to ask if I am hearing from God or not, Seriously?  I kept reading and At one point, I wanted to trash my book, at one point I wanted to SCREAM ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I am stressseed out already, at one point I thought my name is actually going to be on the next page…….At one point I started thinking “Lysa probably is gonna talk about her fostering life or how she has adopted children”  page 35 reads “I have always had a tender spot in my heart for the
orphaned child”  and it began, my answer straight from MY FATHER, who I have always loved, but have never really seeked him, have never intentionally had a relationship with, have always turned to in trouble and occasionally would praise him….Don’t get me wrong girls, I love my Jesus, but on this sweet day, at the moment when I started reading Chapter 2, I knew my answer. 

I will say YES!  Monday morning I called my local DCS and have the information to get started in the process of becoming a foster parent……

Do you know all 4 of my kids are on board???  They have always been…..

Do you know my husband is on board?  He’s ready, after I told him about my visit with our Father, he said “What are you waiting for?” 

Tonight, I found a verse that jumped off the page to me…..

John 14:18

“I will not Leave you as Orphans I will come to you”

Before, I would have thought, huh, isn’t that coincidental?    Tonight, I am praising him for speaking to me……He’s just sooooo good.  I love him! 

A Soul Longing For More

So this week, I have started a online bible study with a few women, I think there is around 24,000…just a few if you think of how many of us are here.  The name of the study is What Happens When Women Say YES to God, the title alone drew me in…..I like to be in control, sometimes I wonder if it is just a female trait or battle we must fight.. But, I also known that my soul longs for more…..and I am always “full” on Sundays in church around church (maybe not beforehand, because what a struggle every Sunday morning is). But once I am hearing about Jesus and really processing what a mighty God we serve I am Full. Full of happiness, Full of Love, Full of Life, Ready for battle….But then Mondays come, and I feel alone.  I have never been a morning person, my kids and husband can vouch for that, however this week I have committed to getting up and starting my day with scripture and my study…what a difference it has made, my thoughts have been more focused where they should be.  Have I had a perfect week? NO…but I am going through with my palms up and praising him.